ENCOUNTER Church Asia are always working hard to help the Community in many ways, We help serve those who may not be as blessed as we are at this time whether they are disadvantaged children, those without food or shelter, those who are in need of urgent medical attention but dont have the funds to cover the treatments and so much more.

Getting involved is not always about donating money its about being there for others around you that are in desperate need of some friendly help or advice in times of hardship and the toll that life sometimes takes on us and your generous donations can help us to achieve wonderful things and there are so many ways you can help by simply getting inviolved.



The Church offers a variety of wonderful projects that are all designed to help the community and a big part of this is all about educating those in need.



Donate any old clothing, shoes, furniture anything that you no longer have a need for and we can assure you we will pass them on to those less fotunate.

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Helping Hands

Sometimes just a pair of helping hands go a long way to help the Church with fund raising events or help by driving to areas that are in real need of our help.

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Financial donations can help in so many ways to keep the Church maintained, help sick children, provide someone a home the list is endless and used the money is used wisely.

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At times a Prayer is all someone needs or a shoulder to cry on and having someone to reach out to in a time of need can change a life forever.

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When helping other it can be quite tiresome and time consuming but if we can rally together and complete these mighty tasks then we can do so much more for many.

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Help Change a Life by Simply Getting Involved